Caution When Selling A Vehicle Online

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The Glen Cove Police are warning those using online sites such as Facebook Marketplace when selling a vehicle. On Feb. 1, a Glen Cove resident, who posted his vehicle on Facebook Marketplace, received a call at 9 p.m. about showing his vehicle to a prospective buyer. The owner was reluctant to show the vehicle so late at night and refused to show it. It was determined that the buyer was planning to steal the vehicle if the owner showed him the car.

On Feb. 9, a Glen Cove resident who had previously listed his vehicle on the Facebook Marketplace received a visit from two male blacks at approximately 2 p.m. The two male blacks were on foot and may have been dropped off by another vehicle.  One of the men was wearing a black ski mask and the other a brown and white bandanna. The men requested to take the car for a test drive. Once the men entered the vehicle, they stole the vehicle, fleeing the scene eastbound up Elm Avenue The stolen vehicle was a 2008 gray 4-door Honda Civic. The Glen Cove Police are asking anyone with information regarding this theft to contact the Glen Cove Police Department at 516-676-1002 or confidential tips can be left on the Glen Cove Police Facebook page.

The Glen Cove Police have some advice when selling a vehicle listed on Facebook Marketplace or similar selling platforms.

1) Take precautions when someone wants to buy the vehicle sight unseen or offers you more money than you are asking for. It’s good practice to talk to someone looking to purchase your vehicle, that way you can ask them questions. If you feel like something is not right, don’t show them the vehicle.

2) Don’t give out your actual address and don’t allow test drives that originate from your address. Instead, use a public place to meet with the buyer, arrange a time during the day and bring a friend or family member with you. The Glen Cove Police Department recommends you use their police parking lot when meeting a prospective buyer. Someone who’s looking to rip you off won’t want to meet at a police department.

3) Don’t give the buyer the vehicle title until you agree to the sale and payment is made.

4) If you are going to allow the buyer to test drive the vehicle, ask to see their driver’s license and do not allow them to test drive the vehicle without accompanying them. The test drive should be short in duration and through an area you are familiar with.

5) When agreeing on a price, make sure the payment is legitimate. Ask for a cashier’s check or a recognized payment option such as Zelle, Venmo or PayPal.

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