Assemblymember Lavine, Councilwoman Fugazy Scagliola Express Concerns About LIRR Timetables In Letter


Assemblymember Charles Lavine (D-North Shore) and Glen Cove City Councilwoman Danielle Fugazy Scagliola have sent a joint letter to Janno Lieber, Chair/CEO Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Catherine Rinaldi, Interim LIRR President, expressing their concerns about the impact of the recently completed East Side Access / Grand Central Madison projects on North Shore riders and urging increased service on the Oyster Bay Branch.
Here is the letter:
“Dear Mr. Lieber:
We are extraordinarily pleased that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has completed East Side Access for the Long Island Railroad, its largest ever capital project. The cost of this project came in at more than $10 billion dollars—it is historic and much needed, promising Long Island Rail riders “faster commutes, fewer delays and more options.”
While this is a game changer for many, the riders on the Oyster Bay Line are being disadvantaged.
The new schedules provided by the MTA show that the trips on the Oyster Bay line are actually getting longer in most cases and less trains are headed east bound during rush hour. Additionally, there is more time between trains. As taxpayers, Oyster Bay riders helped shoulder a part of the financial burden for the expansion, yet our service is getting worse. We urge you to increase service on the Oyster Bay Branch. There are improvements that could, and should, be made.
We were assured by the MTA that the train schedules were temporary and would be changing when East Side Access has completed its trial period. The changes put in place, however, have actually made our service worse! We urge the MTA administration to carefully review the Oyster Bay Branch schedules, improve timetables and add more commuting options to both Penn Station and Grand Central Madison, especially during rush hour.
Long Islanders work hard and deserve enhanced service from the MTA. With more tracks and trains than ever before, now is the time to rectify this problem and bring the Oyster Bay line into the 21st century, like the rest of the LIRR.
We are available at your convenience to discuss this problem. Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter.”
—Submitted by the Office of Assemblymember Charles Lavine

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