Downtown Businesses Decorate For Autumn

Rick Testa ,of Testa Landscaping, monitored the arrival of the plants from WPW Growers before planting them downtown.

Autumnal displays adorn business storefronts and seasonal flowers were planted throughout downtown Glen Cove just in time to celebrate the new season. Thanks to the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District, downtown business owners can purchase plants and ornamentals at wholesale prices, making it simpler to decorate for fall. As a result, nearly a dozen downtown establishments were instantly transformed over the course of one day.

Every year, The Regency Assisted Living in Glen Cove purchases a large assortment of fall ornamentals to decorate its front entrance.
(Photos courtesy of Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District)

According to Patricia Holman, executive director of the Downtown B.I.D., an assortment of hardy mums, kale, hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and gourds were purchased from WPW Growers and distributed to downtown businesses on Sept. 23.
“Our members are able to decorate their storefronts for the fall season,” Holman said. “You might notice them in front of businesses such as The Regency Assisted Living, La Bussola and Glen Cove Fitness.”
La Bussola Ristorante on School Street uses the plants and ornamentals to decorate the front and back entrances, as well as to enhance the outdoor seating area.
“I think the convenience of it is wonderful,” Carlo Lubrano, owner of La Bussola, said of the service provided by the B.I.D. “I don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what to get – everything is right there for me to choose, and I can pick it up just minutes from my restaurant. I hope that a lot of other downtown businesses are taking advantage of this service because it adds beauty to the downtown as the seasons change.”
The Downtown B.I.D. also purchased over 1,000 mums and cabbages, which were planted throughout the downtown area by the B.I.D.’s landscaper, Testa Landscaping. Areas maintained by the Downtown B.I.D. include the landscapes around the Brewster Street garage and the Pulaski Street garage.
Since the Downtown B.I.D. was created in 1997, it has given high need to ventures that outwardly enhance the area. These incorporate the maintenance of over 20 landscapes, walkway upkeep, establishment of flowers and seasonal adornments, light pole banners, litter removal and Christmas ornaments, along with many other activities that are carried out to keep the downtown area looking clean and feeling safe.
Contact the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District at 516-759-6970 or for further information.

—Submitted by the Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District

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