Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District Welcomes Two Point Om

Community celebrated the opening of Two Point Om with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. (Courtesy of Two Point Om)

Yogis continue to have a space to practice in downtown Glen Cove with the opening of Two Point Om yoga studio. The Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 10 to welcome the new studio at 50 Glen St., which seamlessly took over the space previously occupied by Glen Cove Yoga. In a short time, Two Point Om has quickly established itself as its own unique enterprise.
Co-owned by Allison Basdavanos and Regina Smith, the foundation of Two Point Om classes is rooted in the teachings of Gritty Buddha, the beloved yoga studio in Glen Cove that was founded by Smith in 2016. Gritty Buddha made a big impression on the community during its five years of operation, and is particularly meaningful to Basdavanos, as it was the studio where she began her yoga journey.
“I took my first class in May 2017, and by summer, I was hooked,” Basdavanos said. She went on to take a Yoga Teacher Training and Life Enrichment program led by Smith the following winter. “At the time, I thought, I don’t want to teach [yoga] but I need to know why I love it so much.”
Basdavanos, a Glen Cove resident who works in the Locust Valley School District as a Speech-Language Pathologist, said she wanted to “dive into” the reasons for becoming so hooked on a practice that is not only physical but also mental and emotional. What she learned from her commitment as a student was that teaching came easily to her, particularly with her background working with students. “The voice of a yoga teacher was just there. It was very natural for me.”
It wasn’t long before she was asked to teach classes at Gritty Buddha.
“I fell in love with the practice of Ashtanga, and I was soon supporting new teachers with their training,” she said. During the pandemic, she taught virtually and began leading classes and supporting teacher trainings as a faculty member. But unfortunately, after a year of virtual classes, Gritty Buddha closed at the end of March 2021. “It was a really big loss for the community, for Regina and for myself,” she said. “It was such a special place for me and for growth in my life. It was where I found yoga.”
When that studio shut down, she had no interest in seeking out another place to teach and did not even want to practice in other settings. But many of Smith’s Gritty Buddha following expected something more.
According to Basdavanos, people kept telling Smith, “I can’t wait to see what version 2.0 will be.” That inspired Smith to create Two Point Om, which was launched as an education company offering trainings, yoga and meditation certifications and retreats.
In the interim, Basdavanos had become a new mother and Smith, who also owns Karmic Grind in Locust Valley, relocated to Florida. Then last November, a new opportunity presented itself. Basdavanos and Smith were having coffee when Smith received a message from Amy Garvey asking if she knew anyone who might be interested in taking over the lease for her yoga studio.
Basdavanos began thinking about it. “I felt like maybe it was the only way I’d be able to do yoga again –creating a space that felt as safe and a community as heartwarming, a place where you don’t have to have it all together, you can grow in strength in your body and your mind all in one.”
The two created a partnership and agreed to take over the space by the end of the year.
“It couldn’t be called anything other than Two Point Om – we still pay such homage to Gritty Buddha,” Basdavanos said. “The architecture of our teachings is rooted in the teachings that Smith developed over 20 years and put into Gritty Buddha. I was not actively looking to own a studio at this moment in my life, but life takes turns.”
Basdavanos received the keys at noon on New Year’s Eve, and offered a pop-up class on New Year’s Day, which quickly filled. Three weeks later, after a quick renovation that involved mostly painting and changing the lighting, Two Point Om held its grand opening, on Jan. 21.
Over the course of the first month, the studio has been well received, with a mix of both new students and former members of Gritty Buddha.
“Covid separated friendships—and the world—in such a big way. I’m now a mom of a 2.5-year-old and sometimes it can be very isolating,” Basdavanos said. “To have a community where everyone can gather again and feel good in your skin, it was important to me.”
Two Point Om was created as a space for everyone, Basdavanos said. “We support all levels of ability throughout our classes,” she said. “It’s a whole experience that we try to bring here.”
Currently, Two Point Om has eight teachers, including Basdavanos, most of whom were educated by or taught at Gritty Buddha. Smith returns to Glen Cove about once a month and teaches classes while she’s in town.
“Part of what makes a yoga studio such a meaningful business to own and operate is seeing the way it turns strangers into friends, develops healthier ways of living and therefore elevates a community,” Smith shared. “When opening Gritty Buddha years ago, it was so important to me to make a positive contribution to the community that raised me. I was born in Glen Cove Hospital and graduated from Glen Cove High School. I have a deep sense of appreciation and love for the way growing up here set me up to handle the world, work globally, and eventually come right back home. Now opening Two Point Om years later and alongside such an amazing friend [Allie] and with such a gifted teaching team allows me to continue making a positive investment into the city that I come from, even if I’m not here full time anymore.”
The partners received citations from elected officials, the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce and the Glen Cove Downtown BID at the ribbon-cutting, which was also attended by many friends, family members and devoted students.
“So many people are into yoga for the benefits on the mind, body and soul,” Downtown BID Executive Director Patricia Holman said, “and I feel that having a yoga studio downtown is important as it supports both the needs of the community and as well as other businesses by bringing people to the city center.”
“I want to express my warmest welcome to Allison and Regina, who will undoubtedly infuse a bit of serenity into our growing downtown,” Assemblymember Charles Lavine said. “In these trying times, there needs to be an emphasis on health and wellness and their conveniently located studio will provide a great venue for people to relieve stress and exercise in a calm and peaceful environment.”
“I have to say, the two of you are the perfect advertisement for your business,” said Leg. Delia DeRiggi-Whitton as she presented them with a citation at the ribbon-cutting. “Not only do you both look healthy, but you look strong and peaceful – you both have that glow, and I wish you all the best. I know the following for your prior business was so strong, and it’s nice that you have a new home.”
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—Submitted by the Glen Cove Downtown Improvement District

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