Glen Cove Hospital Volunteers Honored With A Star


The Glen Cove Hospital management and staff celebrated National Volunteer Appreciation Week by naming a star in honor of its volunteers.

Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck receiving a plaque in recognition of her commitment to volunteering at the Glen Cove Hospital for ten years. (Photo by Natalia Ventura)

Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck joined a group of volunteers to discuss the importance of giving back to the community through volunteerism. She presented a recognition certificate to volunteers for their service to patients, staff and the hospital.

A 10-year volunteer at the hospital herself, the mayor was surprised with a plaque, highlighting her commitment, service and friendship over the years.

Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck, Glen Cove Hospital administration, and volunteers. (Photo courtesy of the Glen Cove Hospital)

George Meyer, 88, of Locust Valley, who for the past eight years has volunteered in the rehab department transporting patients, was present at the event. “I have a feeling of accomplishment and purpose about volunteering,” he said. “I enjoy being able to be with professionals and ordinary people trying to make their lives a little bit better.”

Mr. Meyer was joined by 84-year-old Marion Robertson, one of the longest serving volunteers who has given her time for over 23 years in the hospital’s emergency department and gift shop. An Oyster Bay resident, Robertson, said, “I enjoy helping people and working side-by-side with others to make a difference. I’ve made many wonderful friends here and Glen Cove is a great place to work.”

From left: Bradley Sherman, MD and Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck.
(Photo by Natalia Ventura)

Following their presentation, Bradley Sherman, MD, the hospital’s medical director and chair of medicine, presented Panzenbeck and all the volunteers with a one-of-a-kind plaque bearing the name “Glen Cove Stars.” The hospital purchased and registered a star in their honor, recognizing the volunteers for their generosity, compassion and service and for the true bright lights they are in the community. The plaque will be on permanent display in the hospital, demonstrating the talents and achievements of all volunteers.

“Volunteering is fantastic,” Meyer said. “I enjoy giving a warm welcome to patients and staff and I feel good working with people. My work here gives me satisfaction and it helps me keep my mind and body active.”

From left: Glen Cove Hospital volunteers George Meyer and Marion Robertson. (Photo by Natalia Ventura)

Northwell Health depends on its volunteers to help with the day-to-day operations of its hospitals in areas such as dietary, administrative, the gift shop and rehab. During the pandemic, the health system was forced to temporarily halt volunteer work at its 22 hospitals, including Glen Cove Hospital. Before the pandemic, Glen Cove had 50 active volunteers. Currently, the hospital has approximately 15 active volunteers and the number is growing.

For more information about volunteering at Glen Cove Hospital, call 516-674-7300.

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