Glen Cove School District To Unveil New Art Installation And Scholarships

Glen Cove Schools

Friends of Arts & Music Enrichment Glen Cove Inc., (FAME GC) will reveal a dramatic new art installation at Glen Cove High School (GCHS) at a ceremony on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 4 p.m., and will announce four annual scholarships—$1,000 each for June 2023— that will be awarded to graduating GCHS seniors.
The ceremony, art installation, and scholarships will honor several long-serving former GCHS teachers who have been a source of inspiration and mentoring to generations of Glen Cove students. The permanent art installation is designed to grow over years, adding additional Glen Cove faculty and staff honorees over time. The annual GCHS student scholarship awards, as well as the art installation, are designed to motivate and support students and faculty in Glen Cove City Public Schools and beyond.
The Oct. 11 ceremony at GCHS (4 p.m.) will be followed by a celebration at The Cove in Glen Cove (5:30-8:30 p.m., tickets required for admission). Visit to purchase tickets to the celebration. Donations to FAME GC’s General Fund (supporting music and arts program needs in Glen Cove City schools) and the student scholarships can be made via the FAME GC website at:, or by check payable to FAME GC, Inc., P.O. Box 833, Locust Valley, NY 11560.
FAME GC is a nonprofit organization founded in 2020 by former GCHS students seeking to support music and arts education in the United States, with its primary focus on the Glen Cove City Public School District. As a registered 501(c)(3) entity, donations to FAME GC and the FAME GC scholarships are tax-deductible. FAME GC provides students, teachers and administrators with financial and other support to encourage, develop and cultivate students’ passion, interest and involvement in the arts. FAME GC endeavors to create opportunities for music and arts education and experiences that otherwise might be limited by financial hardship or socioeconomic barriers.
The four scholarships that FAME GC will announce are:
FAME GC Sally A. Zwiebach Scholarship (Literature & Language Arts)
FAME GC Dale Alan Zurbrick Memorial Scholarship (Music & Theater Arts)
FAME GC Thom Ruckert Memorial Scholarship (GCTV)
FAME GC Albert V. (“AJ”) Johnson Memorial Scholarship (Visual Arts)

The art installation was designed and constructed by Valerie Lasser, Creative Director of the FAME GC Board, and her husband, Michael Lasser, both of whom are GCHS alumni. Inaugural honorees are Thom Ruckert, Dale Zurbrick, and Sally Zwiebach, with Albert (“AJ”) Johnson slated to be added to the art installation at a ceremony. FAME GC will post information for scholarships and art installation nominations/applications on its website in the near future. FAME GC’s efforts build upon years of support for and achievement in music and arts education in Glen Cove, a public school district that has achieved national and international recognition for its student performances and achievements for decades. Thom Ruckert Memorial Scholarships have provided funds to graduating GCHS seniors since 2017, and the former organization Glen Cove Endowment for Music and Arts Education (GCEMAE), which GCHS alumni created in Dale Zurbrick’s honor in 2002, donated its funds to FAME GC. FAME GC is grateful to the alumni, community members, and others who have donated funds and other support from throughout the United States. The FAME GC Board of Directors are Judith Germano, President; Linda Cirigliano, Vice President; Beth Corets, Board Secretary & Historian; Valerie Lasser, Creative Director; – all of whom are GCHS alumnae – and Mark Kohn, Treasurer.
Many generations of GCHS alumni and community members are expected to attend the Oct. 11 ceremony and celebration events, which will be a spirited start to GC’s Homecoming Week. These events lead into the Glen Cove Board of Education meeting Oct. 12 (at which FAME GC will present), GCHS Open School Night Oct. 13, and Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 14-15. Go to for more information and to make a charitable donation.

Upcoming Events
Oct. 11, 4 p.m. – Ceremony: permanent art installation revealed and dedicated at GCHS
Oct. 11, 5:30 p.m. – Celebration at The Cove in Glen Cove
Oct. 12, 7 p.m. – FAME GC Board President Judi Germano to speak at Board of Education meeting
Oct. 13, 7 p.m. – FAME GC representatives will be at GCHS Open School night Oct. 14-15 – Glen Cove Homecoming Weekend
November – FAME GC will open nominations for future art installation honorees January 2023 – FAME GC will open nominations/applications for FAME GC Scholarships
June 2023 – FAME GC will award FAME GC Scholarships at GCHS Senior Awards Night.

—Submitted by the Glen Cove City School District

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