Glen Cove’s Voting Guide

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There will be a general election on Nov. 7. For Glen Cove residents, candidates for mayor and city council will be on the ballot.
An eligible voter can vote early at an early voting polling place between Oct. 28 and Nov. 5. You can also vote at your assigned voting place on Nov. 7.
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Candidates with asterisk are incumbents.
—Information provided by the Nassau County Board of Elections

Mayor, City of Glen Cove Pamela Donaldson Panzenbeck, REP, CON*

Pamela Donaldson Panzenbeck.

Currently serving as mayor, Panzenbeck, a former high school teacher, says her record of accomplishments speaks for itself. Major refurbishments to Morgan Park, the golf course, the city stadium (including the basketball court) have been completed with more in progress and more to come. The administration has made much needed improvements to all city buildings, upgraded equipment and training for city employees. Every one of the pump stations (water) have had upgrades or repairs. Panzenbeck’s administration has reduced the deficit by $1.5 million without raising taxes. In her next term, Panzenbeck says she will focus on all of the above, specifically the water systems and the 50-yearold parking garages.

Mayor, City of Glen Cove George Maragos, DEM

George Maragos.

George Maragos, who served two terms as the elected Nassau County Comptroller, said it will be a privilege to earn your vote for Glen Cove Mayor. He is an immigrant who has achieved the American Dream and now wants to give back more to the community. Maragos has extensive professional experience at the highest levels in both business and government with an Engineering Degree and an MBA in Finance. He is committed to improving Glen Cove‘s finances, its quality of life and its environmental sustainability, while rebuilding the local economy.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Roni Sue Jenkins REP, CON

Roni Sue Jenkins.

Roni-Sue Jenkins is co-founder of a women’s website and advocate for women; with a marketing and finance degree. Jenkins spent her career in advertising, winning numerous awards. She has three children, is a past PTA President, active member of our schools, has coached several youth sports teams and received numerous recognitions as a “Hometown Hero.” She is an 18 year committee member of the DRI, a Hibernian, emcee of the St. Patricks Day Parade and a top fundraiser for the National MS Society. A long-time resident, Jenkin’s marketing background is a valuable asset- her knowledge and skills can help promote local businesses, events, and initiatives, contributing to the overall well-being of the area. Effective communication and outreach are crucial for creating positive change.


Council Member, City of Glen Cove Grady M. Farnan REP,CON*

Grady M. Farnan.

An important quality to have is being an active listener for all in Glen Cove. Some top priorities of Grady M. Farnan’s are: identify and work on improving the city’s infrastructure; supporting legislation for improving waters and roads; supporting legislation for no taxes and safety. He recently voted in favor of restrictions on new vape shop locations. Farnan’s background as an Insurance Technician for the County Attorney provides beneficial use for the continual improvement of the city.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Danielle Fugazy Scagliola, DEM*

Danielle Fugazy Scagliola.

As a city councilwoman, Danielle Fugazy Scagliola says she will continue to work to make the commute better, strengthen the relationship between the public school and the city as well as work to make the downtown as vibrant as possible. She has raised more than $35,000 in private donations to rebuild the VFW. She unified the Business Improvement District and the school district and worked with the BID to secure a grant for decorative and energy efficient lighting.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Michael I. Ktistakis REP,CON

Michael I. Ktistakis.

Michael I. Ktistakis, 30-year owner and operator of a Glen Cove-based landscaping business, maintains a background bolstered by his finance degree from C.W. Post. A supporter of schools, his focus has never strayed from the families and future that makes Glen Cove Nassau County’s best kept secret. He wants residents to invest in themselves by investing in their dreams here.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Kevin P. Maccarone REP,CON*

Kevin P. Maccarone.

Kevin P. Maccarone, 33, is a life long resident and runs a family owned and operated law firm in downtown Glen Cove. Over the last two years, Maccarone has prioritized keeping taxes flat, upgrading and properly maintaining our infrastructure. He also pushed to amend zoning codes in the downtown business area to eliminate barriers to opening up new business. If re-elected, Maccarone will continue to cap borrowing and irresponsible spending.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Jack Mancusi REP,CON*

Jack Mancusi.

Having served Glen Cove for over 30 years as a Glen Cove Police Sergeant and now a City Councilman, Jack Mancusi is uniquely qualified to represent. As a councilman, Mancusi has delivered on promises to restore financial stability to Glen Cove, hold developers accountable, and return state fishing grounds to local sportsmen, grounds denied to them by a prior administration. If re-elected, Mancusi will continue to work on more Moody’s Bond upgrades and positive financial assessments from the NYS Comptroller.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Joseph M. Manfredi, DEM

Joseph M. Manfredi.

Joseph M. Manfredi hopes to gain the vote for Glen Cove City Council due to his professional and academic experience. Plus, as a New York state employee for nearly 18 years, he has the temperament for the position. Manfredi says Glen Cove has the ability to improve and create a more vibrant downtown area, adding that the city needs to complete an adequate ferry system that makes fiscal sense. Manfredi believes the city needs to review existing code enforcement processes to ensure safety.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Theresa Pergola, DEM

Theresa Pergola.

As a council member, Theresa Pergola said her top priorities would be revitalizing the downtown, safeguarding and enhancing natural resources, and fostering stronger community collaboration. Drawing from her experience as a certified human resource professional, Pergola understands the importance of effective teamwork and communication in achieving these goals. She would advocate for initiatives that attract businesses and residents to our downtown area, creating a vibrant and economically thriving core. Additionally, Pergola said she’d work to implement eco-friendly policies to protect our natural resources and promote sustainable development.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Barbara Bella-Peebles REP,CON *

Barbara Bella-Peebles.

Barbara Bella-Peebles said as council member, her priorities are to continue fiscal health improvements while investing in city infrastructure and city employees; focus on the revised Master Plan and ensure enhanced quality of life for its residents; and to encourage business development. Her experience includes 10 years of municipal experience, serving as a liaison for the business community and a member of local and state associations. She’s seeking re-election to continue the positive momentum and renewed optimism.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Marsha F. Silverman, DEM,WFP*

Marsha F. Silverman.

Marsha Silverman has an MBA in Finance and over 30 years working in financial data analytics, and budgeting and planning. She brings fiscal discipline and transparency to city municipal matters on behalf of taxpayers and has enacted financial policies including a procurement policy to ensure efficient use of taxpayer dollars. She believes the city desperately needs longer-term planning to establish reserves and planning for the future. Accordingly, Silverman’s work on behalf of the taxpayers and residents of Glen Cove is not yet done.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove Joanne Yee, DEM

Joanne Yee.

Years of service to Glen Cove along with experience in finance makes Joanne Yee an ideal candidate for City Council. Yee will work to keep families together. While seniors and younger people want to stay with their families, finances and lack of options always stand in the way. A concerted effort to match retail development to the community’s needs would help as well. There are many empty retail spaces and yet Glen Covers often lack retail and recreational options. Yee would like to see a focused effort to merge inputs from government with landlords, private enterprise and the people of Glen Cove.

Council Member, City of Glen Cove John Zozzaro, DEM

John Zozzaro.

Born and raised in Glen Cove, John Zozzaro has owned small businesses in the city for the past 25 years. With Zozzaro’s small business background, he would prioritize helping revitalize the downtown area, so that those businesses get more foot traffic and thrive. He would also like to bring in more revenue streams to the city by bringing more jobs into locations like the old Photocircuits and Slater areas of Glen Cove. When those two factories existed, they helped so many families while also generating more streams of revenue for the city.

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