Letter To The Editor: Thanks For Delivering


We all faced a trying period over the last 15+ months with the pandemic restricting many of our daily activities including those affecting our health. With many gyms closing down or severly restricting hours and activities, our options for exercise were limited primarily to the outdoors.

Several years ago, many local Pickleball players requested that the City provide a dedicated court for the game. After an extended period of inaction by others, Mayor Tenke stepped in and got the job done within weeks.

Since then, the sport has grown faster than any other sport and many new players have come on board and play regularly.

We needed additional courts to accommodate the ever-growing PB community and after waiting most of last year to get lines painted for 2 PB courts on one of the tennis courts at Stanco, the job was done.

The local PB community would like to thank several people for their efforts including members of the Departments of Public Works and Youth Services and Recreation, Terry Daley, Jim Klimasewci and Tomaso and others who may have been involved. We would also like to thank Spiro Tsirkas, Executive Director of Youth and Services who is a very welcome change in leadership in that department and Councilman John Perrone for their relentless efforts to get it done.

The three courts are now used daily by many Pickleball players.

Thank you for delivering and caring about our health during this difficult time!

-Ron Menzel

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