Local Officials Express Concern About Closing Glen Cove King Kullen

Two King Kullen stores are closing on Long Island. (Photo courtesy Thrawn via WikiMedia Commons)

After an announcement that two King Kullen locations were set to close in Nassau County, including a location in Glen Cove that will close July 14, State Assemblyman Charles Lavine and State Senator Anna Kaplan sent out their concerns via a letter.

The two lawmakers sent a letter to Norman Bobrow, the owner of the property where the supermarket is located;

“We reach out to you as the New York State Assembly Representative for the City of Glen Cove and the Chair of the New York State Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business respectively, regarding the King Kullen Supermarket located at 77 Forest Avenue. It is our understanding that you are the owner of the property where the supermarket is located. It is reported that King Kullen will close its Glen Cove market on July 28. King Kullen has been a strong presence in our community for 20 years and is known and appreciated for its wonderful fresh produce department and friendly customer service.

We write to express the hope that you will rent this space to another supermarket. Otherwise, Glen Cove will be left with only one major supermarket. As a city, Glen Cove has an urban demographic presenting the need for meaningful choices of markets providing fresh quality food. Moreover, the City of Glen Cove is experiencing an influx of new residents with the opening of several large residential developments in nearby Village Square and Garvies Point, which will certainly support the continued existence of two full service grocery store options in the community.

Please let us know how we can help to make sure that the people of Glen Cove have access to fresh, nutritious and healthy food.”

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