Locust Valley Board Of Ed Member, Fire Department Chief Out

Locust Valley Fire Department and District officials respond to questions from the public. (Screenshot courtesy of Kevin McKenna, Nassau County NY News)

On Feb. 3, Gabriella Atkinson made a Facebook post alleging that Brian Nolan, a prominent figure in the community whose involvement and career spans the Locust Valley Fire Department, the Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education and Manhasset Union Free School District’s Munsey Park Elementary, is the father of her unborn child. Nolan is married with children, and Atkinson alleges that he lied to her about his desire to get a divorce from his wife.
Five months pregnant at the time of the post, Atkinson alleges that Nolan is denying their relationship. And in a following post on Feb. 5, Atkinson alleges Nolan threatened her by saying he and his wife were going to post explicit photos of her on the internet if she didn’t take the Facebook post down.
These allegations have shocked the community, and have led to consequences for Nolan’s career.
On Feb. 8, Manhasset Union Free School District Superintendent Dr. Gaurav Passi issued the following statement on Nolan, who served as the Munsey Park Elementary School assistant principal:
“I am writing to let you know that the District has temporarily reassigned Brian Nolan to administrative duties in the District Office. In the interim, Ryan Aliperti, Administrator for Assessment and Data Analysis, will be supporting Chad Altman with the day-to-day operations of Munsey Park Elementary School. Ms. Aliperti has previously served as an elementary school assistant principal for six years, and we are grateful for her assistance.”
On Feb. 13, the Locust Valley Central School District Board of Education issued the following statement on Nolan, who served as president of the board:
“The Locust Valley Board of Education has accepted President Brian Nolan’s resignation, effective immediately. We would like to thank Mr. Nolan for his dedication and service to the Locust Valley Central School District. Over the past eight years, he has committed countless hours not only as a trustee but serving as Board president. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”
This news comes as the superintendent of the district, Dr. Kenneth Graham, has resigned in pursuit of becoming a superintendent for another district.
And on Feb. 21, at a Locust Valley Fire Department meeting, it was announced that Nolan was relieved from his duties as chief, but will remain a volunteer.
James Bonislawski Jr. has replaced his position as chief.
“The Locust Valley Fire Department does not and will not condone any alleged improper or inappropriate behavior that arises to the level of conduct that is 1.) Unbecoming of an officer or a member of the fire district or department and/or 2.) Brings disgrace or shame upon the fire department and/or fire district and/or 3.) Otherwise violates the bylaws, rules and regulations of the Locust Valley Fire District and Department. If there is any event or incident or series thereof that occurs in the personal life of any officer or member that may rise to those levels, the Locust Valley Fire Department will investigate in an effort to determine the facts and the effect of the officer’s or the member’s ability to faithfully discharge the responsibilities of his or her office or position with the Locust Valley Fire District or Department.”
Department officials, responding to a question from a meeting attendee who said the community has been talking about and waiting for this statement, said the statement is public because it will be put in the meeting’s minutes, and there is an investigation underway. Attendees also commented on how there was a mix-up on the date of the meeting, as many believed it to be on Feb. 22, meaning the officials should make more of an effort to publicize the statement. But the officials remained firm in their stance that the statement will be in the minutes, making it public.
The officials were asked if they were going to open up an anonymous line for victims of harassment to make anonymous complaints. An official responded by saying the firehouse can receive letters or emails at its email address. Submit comments and complaints to
Nolan is unable to comment on the matter at this time.
If you have a tip about any improper conduct or handling of conduct within the Locust Valley Fire Department, please email

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