Locust Valley Resident Launches Calming Collar Patent


Music Mutz, LLC, the comforting musical collar has been approved to launch a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the foremost crowdfunding websites.
Many dogs suffer from noise and other phobias. The campaign, which launched March 1, seeks seed funding for initial production of a collar containing a proprietary MP3 player and high-quality speakers that provides relief naturally, with no medication, sedation or cumbersome, restrictive dogwear.
Sharing a lifelong love for all animals, especially dogs, and having friends and family with dogs that suffer from fear, anxiety and/or stress sparked the idea to create a collar with an MP3 player loaded with exclusive psychoacoustic music that soothes dogs.
Several years and multiple iterations later and the Music Mutz comforting musical collar evolved.
Throughout the product development process, the company conducted numerous group and individual tests with dogs that are jittery, distressed, and even panicky in certain situations. Pet owners found the Music Mutz Collar extremely effective at soothing dogs who react to thunder, separation anxiety, fireworks, riding in cars, screeching brakes, dogs barking, vet and groomer visits, illness, depression, loud voices and other stressors.
“Since the product’s audio quality is the most important attribute, we have focused on the custom-arranged music selection and audio system so that dogs who suffer from anxiety issues will hear every distinct soothing sound,” Music Mutz Founder and Owner Kristin Baggelaar of Locust Valley said. “In fact, our patented collar design with speakers on either side and situated close to dogs’ ears is unique for not only optimal delivery of sound but also portability, as it goes where the dog goes.”
Nearly every dog tested with the collar has responded amazingly well regardless of the source of distress.
To ensure the best quality and most comforting music, the company worked with pet music maestro Bradley Joseph to arrange the exclusive, nature-inspired songs loaded on the MP3.
The rechargeable battery lasts 9-14+ hours and recharges in one hour. This gives pet parents peace of mind in knowing their beloved pets will be comforted if they need to leave their dog alone for any length of time.
The cozy fabric collar easily adjusts to fit neck sizes 9”–26” and the product is made in the U.S.A. with imported parts.
Music Mutz is eager to produce and sell their collars following a successful Kickstarter campaign and begin helping dogs with noise and other phobias. The company plans to donate a portion of each sale to pet protection organizations.
Music Mutz already supports several animal non-profits.
Music Mutz comforting musical collars can be purchased at a discounted price on (search “Music Mutz”) through April 15. For more information about the Collar, visit or contact the company at or 516-671-0694. Follow Music Mutz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
—Submitted by Music Mutz

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