Meet The Candidates For The Glen Cove Board Of Education

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The vote for the Glen Cove City School District 2023-2024 budget as well as the vote for the Board of Education candidates will be held Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Voting will take place at the Glen Cove High School gymnasium or the Connolly Elementary School. Visit to find out where you should vote. The candidates are incumbents Angela Raimo and Maria Elena Venuto. This election is uncontested.
The following is background information about the candidates, as well as a summary of what their main goals will be throughout their term.

Angela Raimo

Angela Raimo
Growing up in Vermont, Angela Raimo has been a Glen Cover for 10 years. Raimo and her husband have two sons ages 10 and 6.
Professionally, Raimo majored in biology at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. and went to podiatry school at Temple in Philadelphia. She did her residency at New York Methodist in Brooklyn and she practiced in Vermont. Raimo has always taken leadership roles, going back to high school when she was a representative of her board of education when she was in her junior and senior year. She would go on to join PTAs and various district committees, but she wanted to have a more district-wide impact by running for the board. She was encouraged by the late Monica Alexandris-Miller, a former school board president.
“As a group, the board of ed works very well together,” Raimo said. “We are able to work through issues as they arise. We value one another’s opinions and as such have been able to come to a consensus. I have been and will continue to be an advocate for capital improvements to our buildings. I am so grateful the community voted to utilize the capital reserve fund and voted in favor of the bond referendum. We need to continue to forward momentum, continuing to update and maintain our facilities for our staff and students.”
She added that she would like to see a greater variety of elective courses offered for middle school students, since the board approved the nine day period at the middle school level.

Maria Elena Venuto

Maria Elena Venuto
Maria Elena Venuto is the current President of the Glen Cove City School District Board of Education, running for a third term on the school board. She has been a Glen Cove resident and homeowner since 1999, and she’s the mother of two children, a current high school student as well as a graduate. As a member of the board, she’s served on the Policy Committee, Audit Committee, Nutrition and Wellness Committee and the Bond Committee. She helped successfully lobby for increased state aid and worked to pass a much needed school bond. She successfully advocated for the hiring of a district fine arts coordinator. She thoroughly revised the board policy manual with fellow board members and administration and she helped secure $85,700 in grants for schools. She voted no to tax breaks for developers at the expense of the schools and taxpayers. She’s also served as a PTA co-president at Deasy School, as well as the PTA Cultural Arts Chair. She’s also served as the executive director of a non-profit arts organization for 27 years, using her skills in creating budgets, program development, grant-writing, technology and social media. Her platform includes providing oversight to completion of facility renovations as part of the school bond, supporting and promoting academic achievements and looking for creative ways to increase funding to provide resources to students and families.

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