North Shore Key Club Shops For The Salvation Army

The North Shore Key Club at Holiday Farms in Glen Head. (Photos courtesy of the North Shore Key Club)
North Shore Key Club members helping to load food in a van.

On Sunday, April 3, the North Shore Key Club hosted a food drive for the Salvation Army. The event took place at Holiday Farms grocery store in Glen Head. Shoppers galore filled their shopping carts with food items and a donation of $430 was also collected by very generous community members. This was the first, and by no means the last, event held by the Key Club in a very long time due to COVID restrictions. Four members of the Robotics’ team

Other North Shore Key Club members helping move the full carts of food.

from North Shore assisted with this food drive that was a huge success. In addition, the Kiwanis Club of North Shore President John Kle and DPP Larry Benedetti attended the event to help load the van with

the food items collected during the 6 hours for the event. A special thanks from the Salvation Army Major Young Sung Kim and Angelica Garcia for the efforts from the North Shore team and co-chairs of this event Key Clubbers Rebecca Grossman and Sofia Martini.

North Shore Key Club members proud of the donations collected by generous members of the community.
North Shore Key Club members loading bags of food in a van.

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