Oyster Bay-East Norwich Fourth-Graders Learn Local History

Fourth-graders from James H. Vernon School learning history at the Raynham Hall Museum. (Photos courtesy of Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central Schools)
Students learned how the Townsend family played an important role in history during the American Revolution.

Fourth-graders from James H. Vernon School visited the Raynham Hall Museum, right in their own backyard. The trip was part of the fourth-grade social studies curriculum, as students study the American Revolution.

Raynham Hall, located in Oyster Bay, played an integral role in history as it was the home of the Townsend family, who housed the Queen’s Rangers under the command of Colonel Simcoe.

The students read Treason Stops at Oyster Bay as part of their social studies curriculum.

The students’ favorite part of their visit was making meaningful connections with their class read aloud of Treason Stops at Oyster Bay. Students were able to connect the characters in the book to the actual house and experience of what life was like during this historic time period.

The Raynham Hall field trips truly bring history to life for students and give them a greater sense of pride of their historic hometown, Oyster Bay.

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