Oyster Bay, Glen Cove School Districts Hold First Budget Presentations

(Screenshot of live stream from the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District)

The Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District and the Glen Cove City School District both held their first 2023 through 2024 budget presentations at their last Board of Education meetings. The budget process often includes multiple presentations and workshops, a budget hearing and a vote in the spring. These budgets impact students, parents, district faculty and all tax-payers.

Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District:
The district began their budget process with the public on Jan. 24.
“We’ve been working very hard; being creative and managing our resources and all inflation and the spikes on several of the numbers you see as part of your own finance at home,” said Dr. Francesco Ianni, the superintendent of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District. “The financial and operation efficiency is a top priority and we always try to explore ways to make sure the students have what they need and that the tax will not go through the roof.”
The current 2022 through 2023 budget is balanced at approximately $62.1 million with a tax levy of 2.04 percent.
Dr. Ianni added that feedback is welcomed from the community. Budget presentations are available on the district’s website on the Board of Education homepage at obenschools.org.
This first presentation focused on the overview of the budget process and the budget timeline.
Deputy Superintendent Maureen Raynor laid out various goals for this upcoming budget; including student achievement goals; finance and operation goals and community goals.
Under the student achievement goals, Raynor explained that the district through the 2022 through 2023 budget will strive to analyze the curriculum, course offerings and extra-curriculars to identify opportunities to enhance programs, as well as successfully implement the restructuring of the informational and instructional technology department.
As for goals relating to finance and operations, the district plans to oversee the progress of the 21st Century Capital Improvement Projects, a multi-year strategy for facility upgrades, while maintaining a sound, multi-year financial plan.
The district will also continue to strengthen partnerships between local governments and community organizations.
The budget focus this year, according to the presentation, is to stay within the allowable tax levy cap; provide the best possible educational opportunities through district resources; continue maintenance and improvements of existing buildings and grounds; remain fiscally responsible and strengthen the district’s long-term financial condition.
The next budget presentations, that will include more information as the district receives it, will be held on Feb. 28 and Mar. 28. The budget adoption will be held on Apr. 18. The budget hearing will be held May 2, followed by a vote at Oyster Bay High School on May 16.

Glen Cove City School District Assistant Superintendent Victoria Galante presents the first presentation on the 2023 through 2024 budget.
(Screenshot of Glen Cove City School District live stream)

Glen Cove City School District:
At the Glen Cove City School District Board of Education meeting held on Jan. 25, Assistant Superintendent of Business Victoria Galante presented the first presentation of the 2023 through 2024 budget.
The current 2022 through 2023 budget balanced at approximately $102 million, with a 1.8 percent tax levy.
Similarly to the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District, the amount of state aid Glen Cove Schools will receive is not available because the Executive Budget from New York State has not been released yet.
“At this time we usually have some direction from the state, but we haven’t so we have to start the process and we have to start somewhere,” Galante said.
Estimated revenues were approximately $70.8 million in tax levy; approximately $4.8 million in Payment in Lieu of Taxes; approximately $1.3 million in taxes on consumer utility bills; $55,000 in interest and earnings; approximately $24.3 million in state aid and approximately $1.3 million in reserves. This adds up to approximately $106.9 million. These numbers are subject to change as the district receives more information.
At the Feb. 8 budget workshop, the capital component, administrative component, reserves and update on state aid will be discussed.
To stay updated about the budget, visit glencoveschools.org.

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