Vote Yes for Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs


For 20 years, the North Shore Land Alliance (NSLA) has worked to protect nearly 1,300 acres of natural areas. The primary reason we protect land is to safeguard drinking water. Long Island’s sole source aquifer requires pervious surfaces (like fields and forests) for rain and snow to seep through the ground to recharge our drinking water source. A study by the Rauch Foundation found that nearly 70 percent of Nassau County’s surface is impervious (pavement and buildings). We need open space to protect our ground and surface water.
On Nov. 8, there will be an opportunity to vote on Prop 1 – the NYS Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act. This historic legislation will protect open space, safeguard clean drinking water, and update our aging water and sewer infrastructure while supporting nearly 100,000 good jobs.
In the community there are 8,000+ acres of natural areas left to protect. Through the Bond Act, the NSLA will have access to critical funding to conserve land in perpetuity and maintain our quality of life. Plus, with the worsening effects of climate change, protecting open spaces, replenishing our aquifers, and restoring bays and harbors is more important than ever.
I hope 2022 will be the year that we truly value our natural resources and take urgently needed action to protect our environment. On Election Day, please flip your ballot and vote “YES” on Prop 1. Let’s act now to ensure a healthy future for those who come after us.
— Lisa Ott President & CEO, North Shore Land Alliance

About The New York Proposal 1, Environmental Bond Measure (2022)
New York Proposal 1, the Environmental Bond Measure, is on the ballot in New York as a legislatively referred bond question on Nov. 8, 2022.
-A “yes” vote supports issuing $4.20 billion in general obligation bonds for projects related to the environment, natural resources, water infrastructure, and climate change mitigation.
-A “no” vote opposes this measure issuing $4.20 billion in general obligation bonds for projects related to the environment, natural resources, water infrastructure, and climate change mitigation.
How would the bond revenue be distributed?
Proposal 1 would issue $4.20 billion in general obligation bonds for projects classified as climate change mitigation, flood-risk reduction, water infrastructure, and land conservation and recreation. The ballot measure would require that bond issue revenue be distributed as follows:
Up to $1.50 billion for air and water pollution reduction projects; wetland protections to address sea-level rise, storm surge, and flooding; relocating or retrofitting facilities; green building projects; solar arrays, heat pumps, and wind turbines in public low-income housing areas; zero-emission school buses; street trees and urban forest programs; green roofs and reflective roofs; and carbon sequestration on natural and working lands.
At least $1.10 billion for flood-risk reduction, coastal and shoreline restoration, relocating and repairing flood-prone infrastructure and roadways, and ecological restoration projects.
Up to $650.00 million for land conservation and recreation plans, programs, and projects, as well as fish hatcheries; and
At least $650.00 million for projects related to wastewater, sewage, and septic infrastructure; lead service line replacement; riparian buffers; stormwater runoff reduction; agricultural nutrient runoff reduction; and addressing harmful algal blooms.
The ballot measure would require that at least 35 percent of bond revenue benefit disadvantaged communities.
—Submitted by BallotPedia

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