Why Readers Love This Community

Dosoris Pond (Photo by Kimberly Lovisi)
Dosoris Pond (Photo by Kimberly Lovisi)

“Glen Cove was a great place to grow up and later to raise my family. The rich diversity and natural beauty of our city is hard to come by. I feel privileged to live here and to represent Glen Cove in Nassau County.”

—Legislator Delia DeRiggi-Whitton

“Growing up, I always saw the Record Pilot around our house and started reading it around high school. I even used to read my father’s clippings from when he was city court judge and mayor in the 1940s and 50s. If you want to know what is going on in and around town, whether it is special events, local government, letters to the editor or just general happenings, the Record Pilot was always a great way to monitor the pulse of the community. Happy 100th anniversary!”

—Rep. Tom Suozzi

“My paternal grandfather came from Italy when he was only 15 years old in the mid-1880s, settled in “The Orchard” on Grove Street, had five children and 14 grandchildren, and a successful life through his hard work and discipline. He taught us the importance of hard work and, above all, family and faith. I came back to Glen Cove after four years in Ohio for an undergraduate degree, one year in Indiana where I studied for a master’s and where I met my wife (who passed in February 2015), and 27 months in the Army on active duty in Germany with my wife and two sons. We returned to Glen Cove for my family and all the great amenities it offered. A friendly atmosphere; a community golf course; baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis fields for all to enjoy; great restaurants; wonderful beaches; activities for young and old alike; an administration that sought the best for all people; churches of many religions that represent the diverse ethnicity of the city; great food; the “Best Feast in the East”; and on and on. In Glen Cove, my wife and I raised six wonderful and successful children, who have blessed us with 12 grandchildren.”

—Anthony Anzalone, commander American Legion Post 76

“Glen Cove is an area where my wife’s parents, my wife and I have lived for many years. I feel safe here, especially now with so many new developments; the city is growing stronger than ever before. Everything you need is here, many big companies and franchises are coming to Glen Cove. I’ve raised my two daughters here and they now attend school in the public school district. I am proud to be a Glen Cover and that’s why I give back by donating my time to the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce. Now it is my duty to develop new leaders and make them a better version of themselves through my Kids Martial Arts program at GMA Martial Arts and keep the adults fit with my iLovekickboxing.com program.”

—Hender Alvarado, president, Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce

“Having grown up in Glen Cove, it’s easy to take for granted the beautiful surroundings I was lucky enough to grow up around. Having traveled all around the world with my band, Antigone Rising, there’s nothing better than coming back home to play shows for hometown audiences at Morgan Park. The breathtaking view is unrivaled to any place on Earth and we get to have it every day living here in Glen Cove!”

—Kristen Henderson, Antigone Rising

“I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up than Glen Cove. The deep sense of community, the beauty of the beaches and being right on the water, generations of family and life long friends make Glen Cove an incredibly special, important and awesome place to be a part of!”

—Cathy Henderson, Antigone Rising

“The idea of moving to the ‘suburbs’ from Brooklyn was a bit of a traumatic one for me. I was afraid of boredom fueled by row upon row of ‘little boxes on the hillside’ as the song goes. Instead what we found was a charming little town, with a New England vibe, filled with a wide variety of houses in many styles along with the natural beauty of the coastline, replete with picture perfect sunsets over a lovely town beach. The people we encountered in Sea Cliff were all extremely welcoming and we quickly developed an amazing circle of friends. Our kids love it here and we feel blessed to be able raise children in this most nurturing of communities.”

—Roger Street Friedman

“Glen Cove offers the conveniences and cultural opportunities of a larger city, while still retaining the small-town ‘vibe.’ I appreciate that so many businesses in the area are mom-and-pop like ours, so shopping local has taken on a new meaning for me.”

—Rebecca Forster, co-director, Long Island Academy of Fine Art

“I love the diversity of the people in Glen Cove. We are a small composite of the real world.”

—Barbara Dondero

“I love the parks and beaches, woods and ocean. It was the greenest part of the North Shore when I was looking for a home in Nassau County.”

—Michelle Chalfoun

“We’re native New Yorkers who moved here after living in beautiful Norway for 10 years. We wanted lots of green spaces, the ocean and good people and we got all of that and more in Glen Cove!”

—Sarah Waters

“I was introduced to Glen Cove by a friend many years ago. I knew when my family and I were ready to look for a home, this is where we would begin our search. We love it here for so many reasons, the diverse community, great schools, beautiful parks and all the wonderful family events that take place all year round. We are also so lucky to have so many great small businesses here in Glen Cove.”

—Celina Cullen

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